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      Welcome to visit Anhui Yulong mould casting Co., Ltd.!      Order  |  中文版
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      About us

      An hui Yulong mould casting Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of Southern Town-Xuancheng City, Located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, which is located in the industrial developed and mechanical industry in Anhui Province, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai junction, adjacent to Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed, traffic is very convenient.

      The Company was founded in April 2005, with a total area of about 133000 m2, with a total investment of nearly RMB160 million, registered capital of RMB3000 million, which include a foam model shop, foundry workshop, machining workshop, focusing on automotive stamping dies, machine tools and large-scale equipment products, casting. The existing staff of more than 190 people, including senior engineers and technical staff of more than 20 professional and technical personnel, professional training, experienced operators more than 80 people. First plant design annual capacity of 18000 tons, the second factory design annual capacity of 30000 tons, the main casting products have gray cast iron, ductile iron, all kinds of alloy cast iron, steel, etc.

      We have 11 sets of large CNC styrofoam engraving machine applied to lost 3D entity processing by ATOS measuring system was used to test the real.

      We using Japanese technology independent design and PLC constant temperature gas drying room for coating, effectively guarantee the drying effect of coating; We used furan resin sand process, have lifting sand mixing machine, 2 sets of 20T/H mobile mixed sand machine 1 sets 30T/H mobile, a 10 t / h fixed mixed sand machine, a 20T/H, a 40T/H resin sand line a regeneration; we first factory is equipped with 2 sets of 8 tons of medium frequency induction furnace, the second factory equipped with 2 sets of 10 tons of American inductotherm intermediate frequency induction furnace, and is equipped with wireless computer electromagnetic with iron and the automatic feeding system. We have 4 sets of hanging type 20t through shot blasting machine, a 40t trolley type shot blasting machine, a gas annealing furnace, and equipped with a special spray paint room; each process are equipped with a large dust removal equipment, for employees to provide clean and tidy working environment;

      We have a number of CNC Longmen machine tools, can provide a rough machining, and the effective integration of the surrounding mold processing, manufacturing resources, can provide customers with car stamping die "one-stop" service!

      The company has advanced testing instruments and equipment at home and abroad to control the quality of products: Germany Brooke direct reading spectrum analyzer, liquid iron temperature measurement instrument, microcomputer high-speed automatic carbon sulfur analyzer, digital visible spectrophotometer etc. for furnace before prosecution, ensure the stable quality of liquid iron. Direct reading type air permeability tester, double disc infrared drier, full sets of molding sand performance tester can be on the properties of molding sand were detected in control, microcomputer controlled universal strength testing machine, metallographic microscope and image analysis system, Brinell hardness meter, portable hardness meter on the physical properties of the casting, strict inspection, to verify the casting body tissues, the company is also equipped with the portable microscope.

      Company has more than 20 years of experience in mold production and advanced CAD / CAM / CAE technology, the characteristic of professional casting technology, advanced casting technology and equipment, and scientific quality management system, "sincerity oriented, realistic and innovative, unity and progress, create a harmonious" business philosophy, and vigorously promote TPS lean management and cost control, to maximize the elimination of waste, under the premise of quality assurance efforts to reduce costs, for domestic and foreign customers to create high quality and price than fine casting products of technological innovation. In many of the mold casting enterprises stand out. Sincerely look forward to working with you for mutual benefit, common development!

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